5 Things About Me

Being a new blogger I decided to write a small post with 5 unknown facts about myself.

  1.  The name “My Crazy Brood” came from 11 year old Becky. We were at a family fun day during the summer holidays and Betty was asked to take part in a game and was asked who she was with, she answered “That crazy family over there!” When I decided to start the blog, the name seemed perfect but sadly My Crazy Family was taken so I used My Crazy Brood instead
  2. We live in North Wales near the sea. I was born in England and moved to Wales when I was 6 but hubby is born and bread Wales.
  3.  Although I’ve lived in Wales since I was 6, I can only speak a little Welsh. When I left primary at 11 I was fluent, but living with English speaking families in an English speaking tourist town and attending a secondary school which allowed me to get away with doing all my work in English and even speaking English in my Welsh class meant I had forgotten most of it when I left school. I do try for the kids sake and when I worked in a well-known supermarket in a nearby Welsh speaking tourist town I did my best to speak Welsh to the customers I heard speaking Welsh. 
  4.  I suffer from anxiety, low self esteem and I can be a recluse. Choosing to spend my time alone, but then I get jealous when I see my friends having fun and hanging out together, even if they asked me to join them and I was the one who declined. Even my hobbies are lonely hobbies, such as reading and researching my family tree. 
  5. All my children have names beginning with R, as does hubby and myself!
If you have any other questions or anything you’d like to know. Comment down below. 

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