Girls Can Like Superman too

Whilst most girls are into princesses, Reese is a little different. Reese LOVES Superman, not just any Superman though, it has to be Dean Cain from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Her favourite outfits are her Supergirl costume, and she was heartbroken when daddy washed it and ruined the shield emblem. When he came home from work she kept telling him “You boke my duperman!” and wouldn’t say anything else to him, she really made him feel bad, so bad that he immediately went on eBay and bought her another one!

She’ll sit for hours watching Lois and Clark on my tablet and you’ll sometimes hear “Poor duperman!” (usually when he’s being attacked by Kryptonite).

The sad thing is, there aren’t many toys of Superman. Even with the release of the Batman Vs Superman movie or the Supergirl TV show. Everything seems to be Batman! Even the Batman Vs Superman movie seemed to be more about Batman than Superman, with the latter just seeming to mope around on screen. In fact, I describe the movie as Batman, featuring Wonder Woman with special guest star Superman. Me personally, I  would have rather seen more of Superman than Batman! I just hope League of Justice is better. Ryan’s favourite TV show is The Flash starring Grant Gustin as The Flash but, in the movies, The Flash is played by Ezra Miller and Robbie is undecided at the moment whether he wants to watch it.

Last week it was Reese’s 3rd birthday and thanks to an online friend from America I found a beautiful Supergirl swimming costume that I knew Emma would love, but sadly they wanted £30 to send a £7 swimsuit from America to the UK. I even asked my friend to send me one if she found one, but sadly she couldn’t find one, even though she would have gladly sent one if she had found one.

If we lived in America there would be more Superman/Supergirl items, but sadly they’re harder to find in the UK. I did manage to buy her a Supergirl Barbie doll, but even that was expensive at £19.99

Her other present was a Superman teddy from Build-a-Bear with a Supergirl costume from Becky, as well as a Sky teddy (from Paw Patrol) with an outfit (also from Build-A-Bear) Nanny and granddad got her a Paw Patrol bedding as we couldn’t find any Superman.

She even had a birthday tweet from Dean Cain himself! (@really_rach was my old twitter name)

This was her birthday card from us from Moonpig

So, child toy developers, please remember that girls can like Superman as well and they would rather the Superman colours than pink!

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